Ladies Ministries

Mother’s Memorial  2018 
  • TUPELO CHILDREN’S MANSION Children from dysfunctional families live in an environment with opportunity to grow spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Haven of Hope is a program fro girls ages 13-16 with behavioral and emotional issues.

  • NEW BEGINNINGS Maternity care for birthmothers considering adoption and child placement for adoptive couples.


  • LIGHTHOUSE RANCH FOR BOYS Healing broken and hurting lives of teen boys. Ministering in a spirit of love and care.

  • WWW.MYHOPERADIO.COM Apostolic gospel music all day on the Internet at no cost to you!

  • OFFICE OF EDUCATION AND ENDORSEMENT Promotes Apostolic doctrine in schools, colleges, and chaplaincies. Seminars for educators serving in UPCI-endorsed Bible colleges.
  • CHURCH ADVANCEMENT – Multicultural and Prison Ministry receives funds for needed literature. 

  • URSHAN GRADUATE SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY Ladies Ministries allocates annually to the library fund.