Meet the Pastor

Pastor Mark WilliamsRev. Mark Williams

Pastor Williams grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and graduated from Thomas Jefferson Senior High School.

He was baptized in the precious name of Jesus Christ in 1974 at the First Pentecostal Church in Cedar Rapids and soon thereafter began attending the Apostolic Pentecostal Church, pastored by Rev. C.G. Lagow, in Waterloo, Iowa.
In March of 1976 Pastor Mark Williams was filled with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost while still in college at the University of Northern Iowa. He graduated two years later from UNI with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Minor in Music.
One of the greatest blessings Pastor Williams brings to the church is his love for music; equally the congregation benefits from his passion for teaching, as reflected in his career choice.

After completing his bachelors in Elementary Education, Rev. Mark Williams went on to earn a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Special Education; he also received an endorsement as a special education consultant.

Before he began working as a consultant with the Area Education Agency (AEA 267), he served the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area as a special education teacher for twenty years. Occasionally he still works with the AEA as a certified trainer, conducting Fierce Conversations seminars.
Along with pastoring full time, Pastor Williams currently works part time as a School Administrator Manager (SAM) at River Hills School in Cedar Falls, Iowa. In his spare time he enjoys reading, photography, and keeping up on current health trends.
While Rev. Williams is grateful for the opportunities he has been blessed with in his personal life, if asked, he would testify that his greatest treasure is having a close walk with Christ. And it is this very spirit of humility, that makes him an excellent pastor and a respected man of God.
His expression of love for all people is evidenced in his multi-cultural vision for seeing the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Waterloo represent the beauty of the rich ethnic diversity found in the Cedar Valley. Many individuals have and continue to be blessed by his compassion and commitment to helping others achieve a closer walk with the Lord.